Vegan Life


Two Market Girls was started in August of 2016 by two high school best friends Katherine and Devin. Together we create easy and delicious vegan recipes that anyone can enjoy. With Devin behind the camera and Katherine behind the recipes, we’re the ultimate team. At least we think so, but we may be biased, but I doubt it.


Katherine and Devin grew up in a small town about an hour outside of Toronto. They met in high school and quickly became best friends through shared interests and our overall weirdness. Actually though, we’re really weird people. We used to hang out in friends’ basements til the wee hours of the night and dream about life after high school. Actually not really. We used to hang out in friends’ basements pretending we were cool and watching movies and drinking. We were so cool.


When we went off to University we were both able to find what we really wanted to do through our studies and life experiences. Devin learned what she originally went to school for wasn’t actually her passion and sought after what really was. When Katherine was living on her own throughout University she was able to develop her cooking and baking skills and discovered her passion for it. She was also able to learn through her studies in business that she only wants to work for herself. We both started off unsure of who we were and through our 4-5 years of University and College were able to find ourselves and what drives us.


Katherine and Devin have made some attempts, independent from one another, to start up Youtube channels and blogs in the past, only to let it fall by the wayside. Finally we decided that together we would be able to create a pretty good blog. We would keep each other on track and focused. We would make sure that we were always motivated and interested in what we are doing.


So why a vegan recipe and DIY blog? Katherine has been a vegan for over two and a half years and has been creating her own recipes since then. She has always been looking for an outlet where she could share her creations. Plus she’s a huge fan of Youtube and writing. Devin loves to take photos and shoot videos, plus who doesn’t love eating delicious food? This was the perfect project that combined all of that.  It’s the perfect combination of creation and creativity. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun so why wouldn’t we want to do it?

We hope you join us on this crazy journey we’ve embarked on and enjoy our content. We are going to keep making it until it’s no longer fun, and it doesn’t look like that will be anytime soon. Follow us on all social media to stay up to date on our shenanigans; we are Two Market Girls on all platforms.

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